Electronic Arts Experiments February 9-10

After discussing our plans for a BFA exhibition entitled “Reclaiming Space” with the other BFA students I began to think about what I wanted to include in the show. As I was brainstorming at home, I saw a styrofoam head that had somehow ended up positioned on top of the TV stand in my living room. Looking at the head I thought about an exquisite corpse¬†project that I had just taught in my Advanced Electronic Arts class. I continued this train of thought and came up with the idea of dividing photographs or videos of faces into thirds in a similar way and projection mapping them on to a styrofoam head. The features of different faces could shuffle to produce an entirely new face made up of three different people. Then I thought back to a trailer Nanette Wylde had showed our class in which a movie was written with each writer only being able to read a few pages of the script that came before where they needed to write. This reminded me a game played on message boards where a poem is constructed one word at a time.

With all these concepts floating around in my head I constructed a more complete idea: a projection mapped exquisite head featuring Chico State BFA student’s faces and voices reciting a poem that has been constructed one word at a time with each author only knowing the word that came before theirs. I quickly sent a text to my classmate and BFA colleague Kate Adams the idea and asked if she would be interesting in collaborating on the project by photographing everyone, especially since she is great photographer and has recently started working in a photography studio on campus. She replied with interest in the idea and we started discussing how to go about producing the project in time for the show.

Excited by this new idea, I quickly grabbed my computer, fired open Quartz Composer, and created a new document…