In the past, I have produced work that dealt with the phenomena of synesthesia and in my research I have come across a similar phenomenon, Ideasthesia. According to Wikipedia:

Ideasthesia (alternative spelling ideaesthesia) is defined as a phenomenon in which activations of concepts (inducers) evoke perception-like experiences (concurrents).

As I looked further into the subject, I found an article about a swimmer that experiences the condition when seeing different swimming styles. In the article, a quote on Ideasthesia from a researcher at the Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, Germany, caught my eye:

Nikolic suspects that all forms of synaesthesia are triggered in part by concepts, rather than sights, sounds or smells, and that many more forms of “ideasthesia,” as he calls it, await discovery. “Any concept, be it freedom, quarks or travel to the moon, could act as a trigger,” he says.

After thinking about this condition, I began to wonder if I could determine the color of a concept. I began to imagine a dictionary, with each word in the color most associated with the overall idea. From that thought, I came up with the idea for a perception dictionary, that asks viewers to define words through colors, sounds, or other perception based mediums.