After discover Misophonia I began to look for other psychological conditions related to sound. That’s when I discovered Phonophobia. According to Wikipedia:

Phonophobia (also called ligyrophobia) is a fear of loud sounds. It can also mean a fear of voices, or a fear of one’s own voice. For example, listening to a CDthat starts with a minute of silence and then suddenly goes into loud rock music would be extremely startling for most people, assuming they had no prior knowledge of the content of the CD. Being startled is in itself a normal reaction, but the key difference is that people with ligyrophobia actively fear such an occurrence.

Once again my mind went to trying to create this fear among the viewer. I imagined a room with videos projected of someone about to rev a motorcycle, pull a fire alarm, hit a gong/cymbal, start a truck, turn the amp to full volume and strum guitar, load and shoot a gun, light a firework, or pop a balloon. The subtle sound effects of each video would begin playing at a very loud volume, giving the viewer the sense that the impending loud noise would be at an earth shattering volume. The sound would continue to play right until the loud noise, when suddenly the viewer would hear a much quieter sound then they were expecting. My hope is that the viewer will experience, at least for a moment, a sense of phonophobia.